Nightmare Creatures
Play As Donkey
When you start a game go to the start menu and select "Exit Game", Hold down the L and the R buttons simutaneously until the menu appears. Start a new game and the character will be a donkey.
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 Play As Donkey
 Weapon Upgrade

 Cheat Menu
Weapon Upgrade Locations
1) Queenhite Docks: At the part where you see a Docker (those big blue things) standing next to a left turn, there will be a small wall of crates that looks like you can't get past it, but move a little to the left and there's an opening through them, and the first weapon upgrade will be on the other side.

2) City: Just outside the entrance (or exit, depends where you come from) of a spider's nest, a weapon upgrade is clearly visible and reachable on the other side of a small fence. If you haven't already found it, make sure to look to the right when you exit any spider's nests, you will see it eventually.

3) Bloomsbury: At the part where the first Hellhound (the red dogs that breath fire) of the game bursts through a wall, it leaves flames in a small opening where it broke the wall, run through the flames a fast as possible to get the weapon upgrade. You will need lots of health to get through this part, but it's worth it because the weapon upgrade also doubles your health!

4) Westminster(1): In the area where there's two Faceless Men (those guys in trenchcoats with knives) and six guns in glass cases, hit the barrel to make it blow a hole in the wall and then run up the stairs and walk along the top of the next floor (don't fall into the hole!) hit the door at the end to open it and after killing another lone Faceless Man, hit the bookcase to reveal a hidden passageway with a weapon upgrade at the end of it. If you missed the weapon upgrade in Bloomsbury, here's you only second chance to get the same one that was there, but it will not be here if you got the other three already!

5) Marylebone(level 14): At the end of this board just before the mini-boss were you go through the gate to the left there is a weapon upgrade to the left of the door. You can't miss it. Its a looks like a meshedy (i think thats how you spell it)

6) Level 5: In the fifth level, after you beat the sewer snake, got to the part where you see a boat and those Dockers. (The blue Incredible Hulk guys) Jump on the crates to access the ship. Explore, and when you kill all the guys. Go left from when you jumped on the ship. You'll jump to the top and see a plank. If you walk forward, all you can see is water. Step to the end of the plank and turn left. You will barely see some crates. Jump for it to find the first weapon upgrade. Climb the red stairs and hit the crates to exit. (NOTE: If you get this weapon, the one in Queenhite docks will be gone)

NOTE: Unless you are extremely good at Nightmare Creatures or you cheated like me, it is vital that you get the weapon upgrades in Bloomsbury and Westminster because of the health upgrade that they add as well, if you don't, Adam crowley will be near impossible to kill.
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Key Code:
1 up       2 down   3 right
4 left     5 c-up   6 c-down
7 c-right  8 c-left

Level  Password
2      12565247              
4      14565457
5      16545864
9      13565577
11     24525781
13     28361621
14     26785545
16     48585278
Credit Goes To:Mr.Cheat via IGN 64

Cheat Menu
To access the cheat menu, go to the password screen and press:
Left, Up, C-Down, C-Left, C-Right, C-Up, C-Left, Down.
Credit Goes To: via IGN 64