Rampage:World Tour
Bad and Good Food
When a World Tour is over and the name of an American city appears on screen, hold the joystick Down, then for George press Jump 3 times. For Lizzy press Punch 3 times. For Ralph press Kick 3 times. This will change all bad food to good food during the next stage.
Credit Goes To: JAS the DECODER via N64cc

Play As Ed
While on the character select screen press Left, Right, Right, Left, Up, Down on the D-pad. If done correctly you will hear a beep and be able to select the secret character Ed.
Credit Goes To: QWERTY via IGN 64

 Bad & Good Food
 Play As Ed
 Hidden Cities
 Level Select
 Change Color
 Hidden Character
 Monster Allergies
Hidden Cities
To access the hidden stages below, at the city screen, rapidly press the button indicated for the character you're playing: Punch for Lizzie, Kick for Ralph, and Jump for George. If you pressed the button quickly enough, you'll warp to the following stages.
  • Atlanta - Suburbia
  • Casablanca - Palace
  • Fairbanks - Underworld
  • Kiev - Exchange
  • Kodiak - Snow City
  • London - Big Ben
  • Louisville - Scumlabs Bioweapons
  • Moab - Game Refuge
  • Nashville - Downtown
  • Phoenix - Area 69
  • Rio de Janeiro - Sunset City
  • San Diego - Caleb's City
  • Washington D.C. - The Capitol
Credit Goes To: Jesus Valdez and UltiQuake via IGN 64

Level Select
Do the following on the character select screen: Press and hold L and all four C-buttons until you hear a tone. Start your game. You should now be able to select where you want to go at the city preview screen. Press up/down to select country and left/right to select the city. You can even select the secret areas!
Credit For Code Goes To:Benefold@aol.com via IGN 64

Change Character Color
To change the colors of George, Lizzie or Ralph go to the characters select and press UP or DOWN on the controller stick or the D-pad.

Hidden Character(V.E.R.N.)
To play as V.E.R.N. (Violent Enraged Radioactive Nemisis) search for a Scum Lab facility. Eat the toxic waste barrels and you will be transformed into V.E.R.N. for the rest of the stage. V.E.R.N can fly and has super strength. He can also shoot a fire ball when you press C-Down.

Monster Allergies
All monsters have allergies. When your monster eats the thing he or she's allergic to he or she will sneeze and it will blow down the building you are on.
George = dogs
Lizzy = birds
Ralph = cats