Rush 2:Extreme Racing USA
Tag Mode
While playing the practice mode with two people, wait until both players have selected their cars. Hit the C-UP button very fast as the numbers count down. As the screen says "Go", Player 2 will have an "it" sign on his screen. If you blow up and you are not it then you become "it". You have a clock in your upper left hand corner to tell you how long you have been "it".

 Tag Mode
 Completed Circuit

 Secret Cars
 Cheat Codes
 Invisible Car
 Midway Track &
 Rocket Car

Completed Circuit Code
I have a code for Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA that will bring you to the last race in the circuit. You do not even have to race! All you have to do is sit there until the time runs out. The code is,
Q K K X 6 2 B 5 D P ?
G 1 8 L K G @ X W W L
Credit Goes To: Micheal Grasso ( via N64cc

Secret Cars
Taxi - Get 4 keys in any level
Hot Rod - Get 8 keys in any level
Formula 1 - Get 10 keys in any level
Prototype - Get 12 keys in any level
Mt. Dew Dragster - Get all 4 Mt. Dew bottles in any level
Credit Goes To: Streetacex ( and Jeff ( via N64cc

Cheat Codes
To access the cheat menu, go to the setup screen and hold L + R + Z. While still holding them press all four of the C buttons. If done correctly under audio should appear cheats.
To access the codes in the cheat menu simply put the cursor on the code you want to access then enter one of the codes below:
Massive Mass
Hold L and R and press C-Up, C-Down, C-Left, C-Right

Killer Rats: Hold L and R and press Z, Z, Z, Z

New York Cabs: Press R, L, Z, C-Up, C-Down, C-Up

Resurrect In Place: Hold Z and C-Left and press C-Right, then hold Z and C-Right and press C-Left.

Frame Scale: Hold Z and C-Down and press C-Up, then hold Z and C-Up and press C-Down.

Tire Scaling: Hold Z and C-Left and press C-Right, then hold Z and C-Right and press C-Left.

Auto-Abort: Quickly press C-Up four times.

Game Timer: Hold Z + C-Down, press C-Up, then hold Z + C-Up and press C-Down.

Invisible Track: Hold L and R, and press C-Down, C-Up 5 times.

Brakes: Hold C-Up and C-Right, and press Z 3 times. Super Tires: Hold L and R, and press C-Up, C-Right, C-Down, C-Left 2 times.

Suicide Mode: Hold Z, and press C-Down, C-Left, C-Up, C-Right 2 times.

Do the Dew!: Press L + R + C-Down, then L + R + C-Left, then L + R + C-Up, then L + R + C-Right twice, then press Z.

Levitation: Hold L, R, and Z, and hit C-Up 4 times.

Fog Color: Hold Z, and press C-Left, C-Up, C-Right, and C-Down 3 times.

Stunt Mode: Hold all four C buttons and press R, A, Z, L.

Invisible Car
At the car selection screen press Up, Down, Z, Left, Right, Z, Right, Left, Z + Down, Up, Z. You should see a video of the car driving with only 4 tires showing.

Midway Track & Rocket Car
Finish first overall in the circuit to earn the rocket car plus you will find a secret track open letting you drive through Midways Studios.
Credit Goes To: The 64 Source