MarioKart 64 Shortcuts
Koopa Troopa Beach-You should see a ramp leading into a hole in the wall.Get a mushroom then fire it when your on the ramp and you should enter a cave and come out on the other side of the wall.You must have a mushroom to take this shortcut.

Kalimari Desert-First get a super star then go to the second set of train tracks.Turn left and follow the train tracks into the tunnel.Once you get to the tunnel activate your super star.The lap timer should advance a lap and you should come out on the first set of tracks.

Mario Raceway-On the curve right before you get to the huge mushroom angle yourself up the hill and jump over the intersection where the walls meet.You must have a mushroom to complete this trick.

Wario Stadium-When you start you should see some humps,do a lap a get amushroom.When your on a hump use the mushroom to shoot yourself over the wall.Very diffcult to do but cuts down your time.

Royal Raceway-First get a mushroom,then after the first hairpin turn shoot yourself across the river.You first have to aim for a dark spot on the bank.If done right you should get put on the big jump right before the Castle.Another one is when your on the big jump angle your self way left so you hit the bank close to the road if done right you should be put on the road right before the finish line.

D.K.'s Jungle-Do a lap until you come to the cave then right before you leave angle for the dark corner to your left.If you did it right you should fall into a tiny space with water.You will fall into the water and lakitu should pick you up.The lap timer will advance a lap and lakitu should put you back at the entrance to the cave.Just go through the cave to finish another lap.

Rainbow Road-Get a mushroom then when you get to the third yellow line after the finish line sharply angle left.Then shoot yourelf over the fence and you should hit another part of the track farther along the course.