Space Station Silicon Valley
Dan's Rocket Ship Fire
On the first level A SMASHING START go to the glass so you can see Dan. Make sure you are the dog. Dan will make a comment. After that Bark 5 times when you are on the glass and the rocket ship will try to take off.
Credit Goes To: N64cc

 Dan's Rocket Ship

 Energy Refill
 Cheat Codes
 Alternate Opening
Energy Refill
While playing any level press: C-Left, L, Z, C-Down, L, Z, C-Left, C-Right.
Credit Goes To:abeenai via N64cc

Cheat Codes
The level select codes must be entered at the game select screen. The energy code has to be entered on the pause screen. The funny codes have to be entered QUICKLY during gameplay. Here they are:
They're written down in a funny way so heres how to decipher them.

I = Left flipper (thats the letter i (eye))
J = Right flipper
N = C-Up
S = C-Down
E = C-Right
W = C-Left
U = Dpad Up
D = Dpad Down
L = Dpad Left
R = Dpad Right
Z = Z Trigger

Energy in game	WIZDIZWE
Open europe	UDIZDUZD
Open ice	                UDZIDEZD
Open jungle	UDIZDWZD
Open desert	UDIZDLZD
Open final	                UDIZDRZD
Open asteroids	DUZIDLZD
Stop camera in wallrace	  DANISIL
Credit Goes To:Dan Danger via N64cc

Alternate Opening
When you turn on the Nintendo 64, hold A or B. When the DMV man appears you'll see a different skit depending on which button you pressed.