Star Wars:Shadows of the Empire
Leebo Scanner without Challenge Points
Start a new file, and make sure your Controller is on the Traditional setting. Enter your name as "_Wampa__Stompa." Note that there is one space before Wampa and TWO spaces before Stompa. Make sure you are entering the words in the proper case. After you entered your name do the following:

Go to a first person stage, and while playing hold all "C" buttons + L + R + Z + Left on the control pad until the Lebo Scaner pops up.
Credit Goes To: CodeMan 10110 via IGN 64

 Leebo Scanner
 Camera Trick
 Debug Mode
 Drive an AT-ST
 Become a Wampa
 Become a

 Wampa Rumpas
 X-Wing & Tie Fighter
Camera Trick
Hold the Right C button for several seconds and your snowspeeder will fly off into the distance.

Debug Mode
We've received a mysterious communication from the depths of LucasArts, revealing an exclusive, never-seen-before Debug Code for Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire. This code grants you access to a multitude of menu options:

Here's how to invoke this difficult, and rather obscure, code:

  1. As with other cheats, use a game where the player's name is "_Wampa__Stompa" (the underscores are spaces). Remember, there is ONE space before Wampa and TWO spaces between Wampa and Stompa. Also, the W in Wampa and the S in Stompa must be capitalized.

  2. Begin playing on any level of the game, and pause the game.

  3. Hold down ALL of the following: all C Buttons, Z, L, R, and Control Pad Left (that's the digital cross-pad on the left side of the Controller).

  4. While holding all of those down, push the Analog Control Stick HALFWAY to the left, and hold it until you hear a "donk" sound (about five seconds).

  5. Repeat, but hold the Control Stick halfway to the right, waiting until you hear the "donk" sound.

  6. Repeat again to the left, again to the right, and again to the left.

  7. Pink text should appear at the top of the screen. Use L and R to change options. Some options require pushing the Control Stick Up and Down to change. Press A to activate them.

  8. To get the cheat menu back, pause the game, then hold down all the buttons used in Step 3 above and move the Control Stick Left or Right.

Note: Using these options might get you stuck in the game. Weird stuff WILL happen
Credit Goes To: Official Nintendo Site

To see the uncensored credits enter"_Credits" as your name and begin a game.Press start to go back to the title screen and press up and right to see a photo of the LucasArts staff.

Drive an AT-ST
Play until you see the AT-ST appear.Press left on the D-Pad and the right C button simultaneously and press up on the D-Pad.Now press the rght C to scroll through the camera views.The over the shoulder view of your snowspeeder will be replaced by an AT-ST.

Become a Wampa
Do the same thing you did for the AT-ST but do it when you see a wampa.Use the D-Pad to move the wampa around.

Become a Snowtrooper
Press Right on the D-Pad and the right C button simultaneously and then up on the D-Pad.Use the D-Pad to control him and push down to fire.

Wampa Rumpas
To hear the wampas roar while your using the game menus,enter "R_Testers_ROCK" as your name.

X-Wing and TIE Fighter
Complete the game on medium level and collect all the challenge points.The game will give you a cheat to let you fly a X-Wing or TIE Fighter in the Skyhook Battle.Play through the Skyhook Battle until you reach the station then pause the game.Hold left on the D-Pad then hold left C,bottom C,Right C,the L button,the R button and the Z button.While holding these buttons press up and down on the control stick to slect your ship.