Star Wars:Rogue Squadron
Pilot Naboo Starfighter
Go to the Passcodes screen type in HALIFAX?. Then press Enter Code. Then go back up and type !YNGWIE! and press Enter Code. It WILL NOT make the code confirm noise when you enter either code. So don't re-enter it. Next go to a mission that does not need the snowspeeder capabilities and at the ship select screen between the X-Wing and the V-Wing will be the Naboo Starfighter!

 Pilot Naboo

 Power Ups
 Secret Ships &

 Cheat Codes
Power Ups
Defection at Correllia - The first one is on the "Defection at Correllia." After you stop the bombing run at the Tech Center, you make your way back to the Capital Tower. On your way there, you come across several cities. The first city has something like a maze towards the back end. In the back of that maze is a yellow box with a red line through it. That is a power-up box. Swoop through the back of the maze to reach it. They are Advanced Torpedoes.

Jade Moon - The 2nd power-up is easy to find on the Jade Moon. When you fly through the trench on your way to the Shield Generator, take the left fork first. Blow up the building at the end. It contains Advanced Shield Technology.

Imperial Construction Facility - In the Construction Facility, there are two landing platforms. The first has an AT-AT in front of it. The second has a shuttle on it.Fly behind the landing platform with the shuttle on it. There are two storage containers; one on the left and one on the right. Blow up the one on the left to reveal advanced bombs.

Prisons of Kessel - On the second Kessel mission, you have to rescue prisoners. The power-up is close to the second prison. Once the second rescue has begun, fly close to the surrounding cliffs and watch your radar. You should notice two stationary red dots in what appears to be a small indention in the top of the cliff. The dot on the right is a missle launcher while the left dot is a bunker containing Seeker Missles.

Blockade on Chandrilla - As soon as they show the cut-scene of bombers destroying the city, the hover train will park. From there, fly to the other side of the city. You should notice an AT-ST shooting at three towers. Destroy it to reveal another advanced bomb power-up.

Raid on Sullust - On Sullust, there is a landing platform in the center of the area. On the opposite side of the platform from where you start out, there is a large factory building. Destroy it to pickup Seeker Torpedoes.

Moff Seerdon's Revenge - On this mission you start out facing a missle launcher. To the left of it is a city. After destroying the Imperials there, Turn around and fly straight to the back of the city. You should notice a large Rebel building and a few Imperial Bunkers. Destroy the bunkers. In one of them lies a power-up. I believe them to be Seeker Cluster Missles.

Escape From Fest - As soon as you start the level, go rope up the first AT-AT, then turn 90 degrees to the left and take a left at the wall of snow. Fly up there and there should be two turrets and one Stormtrooper barrack, inside that barrack is a bonus!

Battle Above Taloraan - To find the well-hidden powerup at Battle above Taloraan, play through the level until you see a large, floating city. Try to fly over the right half of the city, staying a few feet above the city. If you fly downward into the city, you'll find the powerup. (I think the powerup is either Advanced Torpedos or advanced bombs.)

Secret Ships & Missions
Bronze - Beggars Canyon (level) & T-16 Skyhopper (ship)
Silver - Death Star Trench Run (level) & X-Wing (ship)
Gold - Battle of Hoth (level) & TIE Interceptor (ship)

Cheat Codes
ACE - To make the game harder, enter the code ACE at the Passcodes screen of the Options menu.

CHICKEN - To play as an AT-ST in a secret level, at the Passcodes screen in the Options menu enter the code CHICKEN.

IGIVEUP - To have infinite lives while you play Rogue Squadron, enter the code IGIVEUP in the Passcodes screen of the Options menu.

DIRECTOR - To view all of the movies in Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, enter the code DIRECTOR at the Passcodes screen in the Options menu. To view the movies, go to the Showroom screen in the Options menu, and then go to the At The Movies screen.

MAESTRO - To listen to ALL of the music used in Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, enter the code MAESTRO at the Passcodes screen in the Options menu. To listen to the music, go to the Showroom screen in the Options menu and then go to the Concert Hall screen.

FARMBOY - To fly the Millenium Falcon (it has 2 quad guns and seeking missles)on certain missions, enter the code FARMBOY at the Passcodes screen in the Options menu.

TOUGHGUY - To get super shields, enter the code TOUGHGUY at the Passcodes screen in the Options menu.

RADAR - Ever notice how the radar in Rogue Squadron doesn't work like a "real" radar? If you go to the Passwords menu and enter the word "RADAR", it switches to a different mode, where the object with higher altitudes are displayed brighter than low-flying ships.

CREDITS - Enter the word CREDITS at the Password Menu and you will be able to watch the Star Wars style Factor 5/LucasArts credits, accompanied by a Rogue music medley.

TIEDUP - Fly the TIE Interceptor

IAMDOLLY - Increase Craft Limit

HARDROCK - On the Passcodes screen, enter HARDROCK. Next, go back to the screen where Luke is climbing out of his X-Wing. Wait a minute (or through the first demo). Luke's face will be replaced by a bearded man's face.

KOELSCH - In the passcodes screen type in KOELSCH and pick a mission where you can fly the V-Wing. You will be able to fly a black Cadillac.

BLAMEUS - See Picture of The Development Team

DEADDACK - Get all levels including the three bonus levels.