Turok 2:Seeds of Evil
Unlock Cheats
Complete the following levels to earn the the cheats listed below.

 Unlock Cheats
 Cheat Codes
Fruity Colors Mode: Complete level 1
Pen and Ink Mode: Complete level 2
Gouraud Mode: Complete level 3
Big Hands and Feet: Complete level 4
All Map: Complete level 5
All Guns: Complete level 6
Big Head Mode: Defeat level 4 boss
Tiny Mode: Defeat level 5 boss
Infinite Ammo: Defeat level 6 boss
All Special Items: Defeat Primagen
Warp Cheat: Defeat Primagen
Invincibility: Defeat Primagen (again)
Infinite Lives: Defeat Primagen (on hard)

Cheat Codes
UBERNOODLE - Big Head Mode
STOMPEM - Big Hand And Feet Mode
PIPSQUEAK - Tiny Enemy Mode
IGOTABFA - Pen And Ink Mode
WHATSATEXTUREMAP - Garoud Mode (weird colors, no textures)
AAHGOO - Zach Attacks Cheat (Zacks face on the gold "normal" crystals)
HEEERESJUAN - Juans Cheat (Juans face on the red crystals)
FROOTSTRIPE - Frooty Stripes (Rainbow Colors)
Credit Goes To: N64cc