Twisted Edge Snowboarding
Bonus Boards
To earn the following hidden boards, finish first on all races: XXX6, Top Gear Rally, and Midway.
To earn the Bucky Board, complete the Stunt Challenge Mode.
To earn the Flower Board, place first in all 3 of the courses in the first round of competition mode.

 Bonus Boards
 Hidden Boarders
 Jump Start
 More Boards & Track
Press B, R, or Z after jumping and hold the stick in any direction. Hold one button at a time to complete different grabs.

Hidden Boarders
Ben & Nieno - To get Ben and Nieno succesfully beat the Novice, Medium, and Expert levels.

Tok & Boreth - To earn Tok and Boreth succesfully complete the Twisted Mode.

Bob - To earn Bob succesfully complete the Twisted Mode.

Tiny - To earn Tiny succesfully complete the Mirror Mode.

"G" - First complete all competition races and get the Tiny boarder. Take Tiny and go to competition and go to mirrored. Beat every track in first place and you will get him.

Jump Start
Watch carefully when the race begins. Just after the word "Go" disapears, press UP twice. If done correctly you should get a jump start and be ahead of the other racers.

More Bonus Boards and Mirror Tracks
You must have all levels open completely, and the best record on each track on each difficulty has to be beaten. (ex. you must beat the track records on say, polar paradise, on easy, medium, and hard). A ghost should appear on the hard setting on the track.
Beat the ghost and earn a bonus board. Then, play with that board against on the same track again. (ex. you will earn the 'Jake' board when you beat the ghost on polar paradise, so use the jake board against him)if you beat the ghost, you will earn the mirror of the the track! These are the boards you must use on the certain tracks:
Twisty -- Twisty Canyon
Jake -- Polar Paradise
'55 -- Splash Down
Tareh -- Glacier Gluch
Typhoon -- Easy Slider
Lynwood -- Funky Town

Egg Flip: Right, Left, Right, A
Spin: Hold left or right on the d-pad and tap A to complete a spin. The longer you hold right or left, the longer you spin.
Front Flip:Down, Up, A (you can only complete one of these in a jump)
Back Flip:Up, Down, A (you can do a lot of these by holding down after you hit A.)
Rodeo Flip: Up-Left, Down-Right, A Egg flipLeft, Right, A
McTwist 720:Down-Right, Up-Left, A
Misty Flip:Down-Right, Left, A

Credit goes To: IGN 64