Vigilante 8:Second Offense
Password Screen - Go to the options screen and select - Game Status - and press L+R.

Enter the following codes as a password (note that "_" is a space):

GO_MAX_REZ: Ultra-Rez option (This code requires the 4MB RAM expansion pak)
RAPID_FIRE: Rapid Fire (Remove the delay when shooting weapons)
BLAST_FIRE: Super Missiles (Increase the damage from missiles)
MORE_SPEED: Faster Cars
GO_RAMMING: Heavier Cars (Increase your car's weight and ramming ability)
QUICK_PLAY: Fast Action (Enable a random fast action arcade feature)
UNDER_FIRE: Attract Enemies (Have three enemies attack simultaneously)
GO_SLOW_MO: Slow-Motion Mode
HOME_ALONE: No Enemies in arcade mode
NO_GRAVITY: No Gravity (reduce gravity to the point that your car will almost float when a bump is hit)
JACK_IT_UP: High Suspensions
GO_MONSTER: Big Wheels
DRIVE_ONLY: No Wheel Attachment Icons (disable wheel attachment icons from spawning)
LONG_MOVIE: View all Ending Sequences (view all endings in one continuous sequence)
MIXED_CARS: Same Cars in multi-player (allows more than one person to select the same car in multi-player mode)
Credit Goes To: via N64cc