Harvest Moon
More Eggs
To get more eggs, you must first buy a chicken. Then, during that same year, go into the barn and grab the egg your chicken has laid. Throw it against the wall. (The egg will be in the wall!) Cut the egg out with your sickle and put it in a shipping box. Extract another egg the same way. You should have nearly 100 eggs in the box before it finally comes off the wall!
Credit Goes To: chrono_24 via IGN Pocket

 More Eggs
 Sell Eggs at Chicken

Sell Eggs at Chicken Prices
To sell eggs at chicken prices, grab an egg that one of your chickens has laid and put it in an incubator. Then walk to the animal shop and select “Sell a Chicken”, but highlight your egg. The shop owner will pay chicken prices for your egg!
Credit Goes To: Jarrin via IGN Pocket