Super Mario Bros. Deluxe
Access "Lost Levels"
Get 300,000 points or more to gain access to 'The Lost Levels'.

Access "You vs. Boo"
You must get a minimum score of 100,000 points. On the Title Screen, select "Boo" for the "You Vs. Boo" bonus levels.
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 Access "Lost Levels"
 Access "You vs. Boo"
 Album Pictures
 Extra Lives
Album Pictures
To fill your photo album, perform the following actions in any order.
  • Clear world 8-4 (2 pics)
  • Get fireworks after a level
  • Find a hidden 1-up
  • Find a bean stalk
  • Kill a Goomba
  • Kill a squid thing
  • Kill Latiku (guy who throws Spinys)
  • Kill a fish
  • Kill a Hammer Bro
  • Kill a bullet guy
  • Kill a Koopa Troopa (any)
  • Kill a beatle guy
  • Kill Bowser with fireballs
  • Play a Link VS with a friend to get a pic of Mario and Luigi playing VS made
  • Save Peach to get a pic of Mario getting a kiss
  • Trade High scores to get a pic of Toad and Peach trading scores
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Extra Lives
Before starting a new game, go to the fortune teller mode (in the toy box). Keep selecting cards until you get an "extremely lucky" card (it has Peach on it). This will give you 10 lives to start with instead of 5.
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The way fireworks work is if the time that you beat the level ends with a 1, 3, or a 6, you get that many fireworks.
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