Beetle Adventure Racing
The box, a little childish and the beginning, a little corny but once your past that its all good. The courses are some of the most extensive I've ever seen taking at least 5:00 min to finish a single race. The graphics are just all around fantastic, the development team did a great job. Although the music is somewhat monotonous, its the same in every level, but you hardly even notice that as your racing at 100+mph. There are six tracks in all along with eleven beetles to choose from. Understand that all of the beetles are not playable at first you must earn them through beating the Championship Mode on different difficulty settings. One of the modes is the 1 player mode which includes two sub-modes. The first is Single Race where you can race against a lot of computer cars, duel it out with just one computer or do time trials by yourself. The other mode is Championship where you race against 7 computers to open up hidden tracks and mulitplayer arenas. Along with 1 player mode there is the 2 player mode and the Beetle Battle. In the 2 player mode you and a friend go head to head on one of the six tracks available.

Beetle Battle is by far the most fun of all the modes, you and up to four friends battle to the death. In beetle battle the objective of the game is to collect all the different colors of the ladybug - the ladybug is a icon that rotates colors so you have to time it perfectly to get the right color and it changes position every time you pick it up. The thing that makes it fun is all the different weapons you have to select from. There is the Thief which steals one of the targeted players ladybugs, also there is the "?" box which randomly picks a way to mess up the other players one example is it can flip the other player's screen upside down. There are 9 tracks to battle it out on but only three are open at first, you must collect all 100 points in each of the different tracks to open the others and let me tell you its not easy. The actually collecting isn't that hard its finding them that is the hard part, they've been hidden in every nook and cranny of the courses. This game is a must have if your into the racing type of games but if your not rent it, see how you like then decide whether or not to buy it. All around I found this to be a excellent game that everyone should at least try.

Overall Grade:A