Game Boy Color
The Game Boy Color is a very nice little really expensive system. It does do a great job on the color, and from the 2 games I've played, very challenging. With the faster processor it it, you can really tell a difference in the older games, especially in the speed of the Game Boy Camera. The only pain it the but thing about it is that on the older games, you have to set the colors, and it is nearly impossible to remember what each key combo changes to what color. If you are fresh into Game Boy, and are going to be doing it for a while, I'd say definitely spend the extra 40-50 bucks, and go with the color. But, if you have a GB pocket already, hold off on it unless you are going to be buying a lot more games. Another plus to it is that it uses AA batteries instead of AAA batteries, which means longer playing time. But then this is slightly compensated for the power to generate the color- minimal though. One big myth I want you to be sure of though is that the screen IS NOT like the Game Gear screen, which is self lit. This is a color LCD display, so no light = no go. I like the system, but for 90 bucks, it's a little pricey.
Overall Grade: B+