GoldenEye 007
The title "Game of the Year" has been bestod upon this game and it well deserves it. In the one player mode you fight your way through 25 different levels completing the objectves given to you, some hard some easy. Along the way you will encounter many different people some of them friends and others foes/enemies. There are dozens of diffferent weapons you can pick up and find while going through all the levels. The AI in the game is not the smartest in the world but at the same time it is not the dumbest AI either. GoldenEye will offer a challenge to even an expierenced gamer when set on the 00 Agent mode.

The graphics are pretty superb when compared to other games. There is almost no slow down except when there is whole bunch of guys in the room shooting and fog is relatively non-existent. The music fits the game nicely, its pretty much the James Bond type music throughout the game but that just helps draw you into the level. Every level has its own music that goes with the setting in the level almost perectly, well in my opinion at least. I thought both the graphics and music were above and beyond in this game.

While GoldenEye is a great first person shooter the multiplayer is where the game really shines. First there is a lot of different characters to pick from, and after you beat the game there is even more. The next thing that makes the multiplayer so great is you decide what type of weapons there will be in the match. You can have just about anything you want from rocket launchers to remote mines, making every match seem different. One other option that makes the multiplayer stand out is the different scenarios you have to choose from, including a 'Flag Tag' where the person who has the flag the longest wins. The multiplayer in Goldeneye alone makes the game worth purchasing and the single person mode is just an added bonus.

Obivouisly with such a good multiplayer the replay value is very high. With so many different options one match never seems like the last. GoldenEye 007 is a very good game and is at least a rent worthy game. I personally believe it is worth the $30-$50 you pay for it.
Overall Grade: A+