Jet Force Gemini
Your the last of the Jet Force Gemini team and its up to you defeat the evil Mizar and save the galaxy. Not to mention that you have to rescue the enslaved Tribals along the way. The game focuses on 3 Jet Force Gemini squad members by the names of Juno, Vela, and Lupus. Juno and Vela are brother and sister with Lupus being their dog. The computer AI is the smartest I've ever seen, enemies hide behind boxes/walls, use shields to block your bullets, and retreat to find their friends. There are 14 different worlds to explore in all some with 4 stages and others with only 1.

The graphics in the game are excellent with very little slowdown. I can't honestly say I didn't encounter slowdown in the framerate but it was only when several ants were on the screen all firing along with myself. The characters in the game are all very nicely done and so are the levels with their stunning backgrounds. The audio in the game is truly fantastic, blending in with the surrounding perfectly. The sound effects are above par, from the rapid fire of the machine gun to the whistling of the homing missiles.

You just can't say enough about the gameplay. There is so much to do that it seems like its never going to end, but at the same time you know it will. While there is quite a bit of collecting in this game, its not so much as to where it becomes tedious and feels more like a chore. This is mostly because Rare spreads it out, not making you do it all at once, first you collect tribals then the ship parts. If that's still not enough for added in floyd missions, finding all the gemini capacity increasers, the bonus Jeff & Barry Racing, and hunting down all the totem polls. With so much to do you won't get bored to quickly.

The only place that Jet Force Gemini seriously lacks is the Multi-Player mode. The deathmatch mode is nothing more than average and the racing gets real boring, real fast. The one place the multi-player excels in is the number of available characters. Of course they aren't all playable at first, you open them by finding the totem polls mentioned early. While the multi-player is adequate its just not what we have come to expect from Rare.

All-in-All while Jet Force Gemini does have its faults it is still a game very much worth buying. It has such a great 1 player mode, which is what everyone wants in a game, that it alone makes up for the not so great multi-player mode. If you like fast paced action and a little challenege(who doesn't?) then Jet Force Gemini is definitely a must have. You say you don't like that? Then at least give it a rent because it still may float your boat.
Overall Grade: A