South Park
South Park is definately not for virgin-ears. The Box has 3 sepereate language warnings, and one flashes up when you turn on the game. And all with good cause. They knock-off Kenny with in the first 5 seconds of the game, and give their usual OMGTKKYB. The game play is ok. It's basically a first person shooter running all on T2's engine. The fun thing with the game however is the multi-player mode. When you aren't doubled over laughing from thier outrageous comments, the multi-player rocks. The weapons have similar effects to T2's, and the controls are exactly the same if you choose. They do have a different controler setup for those of you who dislike T2's handling. Graphics are ok at best with out the expansion pak. But as soon as you slap that puppy in, you can tell a huge difference. If you are going to get this game, make sure you have an expansion pak for it, or you might be slightly disappointed with the graphics.
Overall Grade: C+