Star Wars: Rogue Sqaudron
I got two words for this game - kick ass. Awesome graphics, cool music, and smooth game play make this game all around good. You fly missions defending civilians and spoiling the empire's plans. You fly a total of 5 different ships,the X-Wing,V-Wing,Y-Wing,Snowspeeder, and the A-Wing. Weapons and defenses vary from ship to ship which makes beating the levels all the harder. It makes good use of the expansion pak, smart computer and more detail on the ships and civilians than without one. It may seem relatively easy at first but the missions get more and more difficult as you advance. You also carry a rank which will get higher as you get medals on each level, it serves no purpose,but the medals do. Secret levels will open up when you have a medal on each level, one for when you have all bronze,another when you have all silver,and a final one when you have all gold. I suggest you give this game a try, rent it at least once if you don't buy it.

Overall Grade: A+