Turok 2: Seeds of Evil
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil is a pretty cool shoot off the enemy's various body parts type game. Don't forget the story line though. It is very important. This game is just as good as the first, and then some. Then some is the multi-player modes. Take Golden Eye's psycho-ness and almost non-gore and multiply it all by 100. T2 rocks in Multiplayer mode. Esspecially with 4 people. The maker's of T2 have done an awesome job with the graphics. Even though sometimes frame rate gimps, it is all made up for. I have only played the battle modes, but from what I've played, and seen played, the game rox. Sound is ok, but not substantial. This is going to be one of the multiplayer games of the year to have. The game is pretty cool, but I'd suggest renting before you blow your 60 bucks on it. Overall Grade: B+