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updated 5-15-06


Fort Wayne, Indiana
This event was the first for the Guard this year and if it is any indication of what is in store, I can't wait for the rest of the season.
Emphasis on Saturday was on training classes and drill. Thanks to everyone who contributed their time and expertise. We concentrated on stacking arms and by the afternoon, got it down to 16 seconds. I urge you to continue to focus on this function so by Perryville, our three battalion brigade can stack arms in, oh say, 15 seconds.
Their was an unfortunate injury Saturday night when the Sergeant of the Guard, a member of the 19th US, slipped when his heelplates hit the blacktop road and it resulted in a broken collarbone. ugh!!   Nonetheless, he was back on Sunday but as a spectator. Now there is true grit.
We met our new Chaplain at this event. Chase Wilhelm is youthful but has 1. Studied in Tibet with Monks, 2. Hiked across Cambodia, 3. learned to speak Chinese fluently, etc, etc. Stop in and meet him. (ask him what he thinks of Nassau Royale).
Wont (Will Ott) provided first person name signs for the staff which adds a touch of authenticity.
From a personal side, Will Eichler and Kurt Loewe (dirty) presented me with the beginnings of a new uniform made of the finest English wool and to be hand stitched. I cannot express my thanks adequately for this wonderful gift. It seems these two rascals have quietly been taking up a collection from EVERYONE in the Guard and your generosity has provided this opportunity. It will be presented to me at Conner Prairie. Scott Cummings of the 5th Michigan could not attend but he sent a glorious set of General Stars for the events when I wear that rank.  What can I say other than, Thank You-you guys make all of this worthwhile.
We also practiced the long roll and I pulled a surprise long roll at 9 PM on Saturday. The response was great and it was quite humorous to watch guys running to the color line in various degees of dress and sobriety. Watch Out-we may do that at other events.
So, as your season progresses, keep practicing stacking arms. See you at Conner Prairie.
Colonel Dave


David Shackelford, Colonel Commanding

James C. Dedman, Chief of Staff


1st Battalion -  Colonel Commanding

2nd  Battalion - , Colonel Commanding