Special Order #06-1 Brigade Officer of the Day

Steve Fratt is hereby appointed as Brigade Officer of the Day for the Conner
Prairie encampment.

Special Order #06-2 Camp Guards

Camp Guards for the Conner Prairie encampment will be as follows:

Friday, June 9th : 6 pm to 11 pm
Saturday, June 10th : 8 am to 11 pm
Sunday, June 11th : 9 am to 1 pm

Each infantry battalion may post guards over their respective battalion
encampment. Cavalry squadrons and artillery batteries will post their own
For the brigade, the camp guards will be provided by the infantry
according to this schedule:

1st Battalion:
2nd Battalion:

Each battalion adjutant will provide a list of the soldiers assigned to
duty and their times to the brigade officer of the day.

Fifteen minutes before guard change the adjutant of each battalion or the
battalion officer of the day will report to the brigade officer of the day
camp guard mount.

The brigade officer of the day will ensure that each soldier understands his
and his assignment before commencing duty.

The brigade officer of the day will post guards at the following stations:

Post 1 Entrance to the Infantry Camp
Post 2 Brigade Headquarters
Post 3 Entrance to the Artillery Camp
Post 4 Brigade horses' picket line
Post 5 Entrance to the village
Post 6 Other entrance to the village

The duties of the guard at each post will be as follows:
At all times - Ceremonial
On Friday - to assist the movement of troops to the proper encampment
After Friday - to prevent the movement of vehicles into the camp

In addition to these duties the guard has these specific duties at each

Post 4 {Brigade horses' picket line} To prevent the public from contact with
animals and to advise mounted staff of any horse problems on the line.

Post 5 & 6 {Entrances to the village} To keep re-enactors out of the village
until 5 pm and to protect the village after 5 pm by assisting the Provost
in any
difficulty they encounter.

Special Order #06-3 Provost Guards

Mike Zimmer is hereby appointed Provost Marshal for the Conner Prairie
encampment. The men under his immediate command shall constitute the
Guard and shall be excused from all other duties.

Special Order #06-4 Community Relations

To assist in community relations, Aide 'de Camp, Captain Stan Hurt, is
directed to coordinate village and scheduled activities consistent with his





Brigade Orders Sample

Jackson Civil War Muster – August 23-24, 2003

Saturday – Battle of Stone River

Sunday – Attack at Chickasaw Bluff

Gen. Dave Shackelford – Commanding



Schedule subject to Change


9:00 PM Adjutants Meeting
11:00 Tattoo
11:30 Taps (THIS MEANS QUIET!!!)

7:00 AM Reveille
7:15 Breakfast
7:45 Fatigue Duty& Sick Call
8:00AM Morning Reports Due
8:30 Drill (Company)
10:00 Drill (Battalions) &Brigade Formation
12:00 PM Dinner
12:15 Cavalry Demonstration
1:30 Battalion Formations & Arms Inspection and Brigade Formation
2:00 Battle
5:30 Supper
10:30 Tattoo
11:00 Taps (THIS MEANS QUIET!!!)

7:00 AM Reveille
7:15 Breakfast
7:45 Fatigue Duty&Sick Call
8:00AM Morning Reports Due
8:30 Drill (Company)
9:00 Church
11:15 Drill (Battalions) &Brigade Formation
12:00 PM Dinner
12:30 Cavalry Demonstration
1:30 Battalion Formations & Arms Inspection and Brigade Formation
2:00 Battle
3:30 Camp Clean-up

Other military activities include:
Saturday (5:30 - 6:30PM) Period Dance Instruction
Saturday (7:00 PM) Military Ball/Town Dance
Sunday (9:00 AM) Church Service - Ladies Activity Area



The Brigade shall be composed of two battalions of infantry, two or three
batteries of artillery, a detachment of cavalry, and a hospital. Additional
units such as engineers, signal corps, etc., shall be attached if present.

Brigadier General: General Dave Shackelford
1st Battalion Commander: Col. Ric Lemon
2nd Battalion Commander: Col. Steve Bouldin

Brigade Chief of Staff: Lt. Col. Jim Dedman
Artillery Commander: Major James Newkirk
Cavalry Commander: Capt. Robert Rober (Mich. Cav. Brigade)
Field Music: Tom Emerick
Medical Director: 8th Michigan Medical
Brigade Aide-de-Camp: Jim Kirschensteiner; Chris Kubaki, Tom King
Brigade Clerk (as assigned in orders)
Provost ________________ (To Be Announced)

All Brigade calls and signals (Reveille, Sick Call, Assembly, Tattoo, etc.) shall emanate from the color line of the Infantry camp. Unit commanders should have their musicians report to Brigade Headquarters at the earliest opportunity in order to receive duty assignments and coordinate signals.


1st battalion- Col. Lemon

1st CO 4th Michigan   company A

2nd CO 21st Ohio

3rd CO 3rd Michigan, company F

4th CO 1st Michigan

5th CO 7th Michigan & US Marines  Color Company

6th CO  21st Michigan

7th CO  18th Michigan

8th CO 3rd Michigan, company C & 8th Michigan

9th CO  30th Indiana

10 CO   49th Indiana


2nd Battalion- Col. Bouldin

1st CO  19th Indiana, company A

2nd CO 9th Indiana

3rd CO  17th Michigan

4th CO   24th Michigan

5th CO  32nd Indiana/35th Indiana/69th New York

6th CO  57th OVI/6th OVI/64th Illinois

7th CO 2nd Reg. co B

8th CO 1st Michigan Sharpshooters


ORDER #3 ADJUTANT'S MEETING 9:00pm Friday Union HQ

Adjutants from the two Infantry Battalions and from the Artillery, Cavalry and the Medical commands shall report to the Chief of Staff at Brigade Headquarters on Friday at 9:00 P.M. All necessary forms and orders shall be dispersed at that time.




A. Officer of the Day (Infantry Battalions)
1. Each Battalion shall be responsible for assigning and scheduling an Officer of the Day for Saturday and Sunday.

2. Each Battalion shall provide the Brigade Chief of Staff with the names and times of the individual(s) assigned to serve as Officer of the Day.

3. In addition to ensuring that all Battalion details are fulfilled, each Battalion Officer of the Day shall also conduct at least one informal inspection of their camps on Saturday and Sunday and be available to Brigade, if needed, for special assignments.

B. Guard for Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry and Medical Camps
1. Infantry Guards will be posted during the times listed below.

a.There will be 9 privates and 1 NCO assigned to guard duty during these times.  There will be 2 guards on post at each battalion headquarters, 1 on each of the colors (2 for this duty), 4 for headquarters guard and 1 private will be assigned to clerk/orderly duties at brigade headquarters. The person assigned to clerk/orderly will be called by a guard when needed for duty. They will report to the Provost or the staff officer in charge at brigade headquarters.

b. The company officer will be the officer of the guard during the time his company is assigned guard duty. The company officer will change the guards on duty as needed.

c. When scheduled for guard duty the entire company is expected to participate and will be at a location designated by headquarters. Those in that company not on picket duty will be expected to remain on call and will respond to action if called upon.

d. Only the men actually on guard duty need to be fully dressed. The others can relax, but need to be ready to respond should they be called into action by the officer of the guard.


2. Artillery, Cavalry and Medical Commanders shall be responsible for scheduling and posting a Guard for their respective camps.

Guards should be posted during the following times in these camps:


Friday:              9:00 PM to Midnight

Saturday:            7:30 AM to midnight

Sunday:            7:30 AM to NOON


3.  All Guards shall be returned to their respective units for all Brigade (BUT NOT COMPANY OR BATTALION) drills and formations, and for Saturday's and Sunday's battles.


4.  Infantry Battalion, Artillery, Cavalry and Medical Commanders shall assign noncombatant soldiers who, due to health or physical limitations cannot participate in drills or the battles, to watch the camps during the drills and battles.


5. In addition to clerking, the Brigade Clerk/Orderly shall be responsible for fire-tending, coffee-making, and for serving as a runner, or other assignments as needed.












6. The schedule for the guard duty will be as follows:



9pm to 12midnight: 7th Mich.



7:30am to 9am  49th Indiana

9-10am –19th Indiana, company A

10-11am Brigade Drill

11am to noon 21st Ohio

noon to 1:30pm 9th Indiana

1:30pm – formation for battle

2pm – Battle

4pm –3rd Michigan, company F

5pm –17th Michigan

6pm –1st Michigan

7pm –32nd Indiana/35th Indiana/69th New York

8pm – 4th Michigan company A

9pm –24th Michigan

10pm –3rd Michigan, company C & 8th Michigan

11pm –21st Michigan



7:30am-9am  18th Michigan

10am –  2nd Reg. co B

11am – 30th Indiana

12 noon – 1:30pm 1st Michigan Sharpshooters

1:30pm – formation for battle 

2pm – Battle


7. Special Detail

The following company will report to the top of the hill to assist the artillery in building fortifications for the battle. This will be done under the direction of event sponsors and 7th Michigan representatives. This company will report at 8:30am Saturday morning. The entire company will report first to brigade headquarters.

                        57th OVI/6th OVI/64th Illinois

This duty is assigned in lieu of guard duty during the event. The company does not need to report under arms. This detail should be brief and will give the company enough time to report back for duty in time for brigade drill.

A. Morning reports for the Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry, and Medical commands are due to Brigade Headquarters by 8:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday.

B. Battle reports for the Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry, and Medical commands are due to Brigade Headquarters as soon as possible upon termination of the conflict. Battle reports shall consist of a descriptive narrative and a compilation of an Abstract of Material report. All forms
will be provided to the unit’s Adjutants on Friday night by the Brigade Chief of Staff.

The 8th Michigan Medical Unit is assigned to Brigade Headquarters.

Saturday and Sunday morning formations include a concurrent Parade for each
Battalion. Adjutants, please review the details and duties involved in the Battalion
Morning Parade.

 All items found are to be turned in to the Brigade Chief of Staff tent at Brigade Headquarters. All inquiries regarding lost articles are to be directed to the same area.

Individuals arriving on Sunday may register at the Brigade HQ. Individuals who are not registered shall not be permitted to participate in the Sunday battle.



Musicians used subject to availability. This schedule is subject to change. Such changes will be communicated to each battalion of infantry, the artillery, cavalry and medical units.



B          Bugler

D            Drummer(s)

F&D      Fife & Drum Corps




8:55 PM            Adjutant’s Call(D)/Officers Call(B)

9:00                  Adjutants Meeting

10:15                First Call(D,B)

10:20                Second Call(D)

10:30                Tattoo(F&D)/Taps(B)

11:00                Taps(D)/To Extinguish Lights(B) (THIS MEANS QUIET!!!)



            Saturday                                                                             Sunday


6:45 AM            First Call (D,B)                                  6:45 AM       First Call(D,B)

6:50                  Second Call (D)                         6:50                  Second Call(D)

7:00                  Reveille (F&D, B)                                   7:00                  Reveille(F&D,B)

7:15                  Breakfast Call (F&D, B)             7:15                  Breakfast Call(F&D,B)

7:45                  Fatigue (F&D, B)                                   7:45                  Fatigue Call (F&D,B)

8:00                  Surgeon’s Call (F&D, B)             8:00                  Surgeon’s Call (F&D,B)

                                                                                    8:30                  First Call (D,B)

                                                                                    8:35                  Second Call (D)

                                                                                    8:45                  Church Call (F&D,B)

9:35                  First Call (D,B)                                  10:50                First Call (D,B)

9:40                  Second Call (D)                         10:55                Second Call (D)

9:50                  Assembly (D,B)                         11:05                Assembly (D,B)

                        Adjutant’s Call (D)                                                          Adjutant’s Call (D)

                        To The Color (F&D,B)                                        To The Color (F&D,B)

                        Battalion Formation (F&D)                                        Battalion Formation (F&D)

                        Battalion Morning Parades (F&D)                    Battalion Morning Parades (F&D)  

                        Brigade Formation                                                          Brigade Formation

                        Military Demonstrations                                     Military Demonstrations



                        Saturday                                                                           Sunday

11:45                First Call (D,B)                                  11:45                First Call (D,B)

11:50                Second Call (D)                         11:50                Second Call (D)

12:00 PM            Dinner Call (F&D,B)                              12:00 PM       Dinner Call (F&D,B)

1:15                  First Call (D,B)                                  1:15                  First Call (D,B)

1:20                  Second Call (D)                         1:20                 Second Call (D)

1:30                  Assembly (D,B)                         1:30                 Assembly (D,B)

Adjutant’s Call (D)                                                        Adjutant’s Call (D)

                        To The Color (F&D,B)                                        To The Color (F&D,B)

                        Brigade Formation                                                          Brigade Formation

                        Arms Inspections                                                        Arms Inspections

2:00                  Battle                                                    2:00                  Battle                                                                                                                2:30                  Camp Cleanup

5:15                  First Call (D,B)

5:20                  Second Call (D)

5:30                  Supper Call (F&D,B)

10:15                First Call (D,B)

10:20                Second Call (D)

10:30                Tattoo (F&D)/Taps (B)

11:00                Taps (D)/To Extinguish Lights (B) (THIS MEANS QUIET!!!)