The History of the Monmouth County Theatre Society

It's funny how our group was created, The Monmouth County Theatre Society we have to admit, was organized over the huddle of a keyboard, and the touch of a phone. From these two essential tools our group has come to life, with meetings being held monthly. And our first production underway, it seems as if nothing can stop us now. Of course, we did have a few problems starting off. For one thing, our first scheduled show was not what we wanted, so The Society decided on something more established. We went with the dramatic play, "A Dolls House." Now our dreams are being realized quicker then expected, we have gone from our humble beginnings meeting at the Hazlet Library to now being able to hold open meetings at the Count Basie, in Red Bank. We would like to thank all of those who helped us along the way. Anyone who wants to volunteer to join our production staff is welcome, call 732-264-2349.

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