The cops will kidnap you & throw you in a cage for not paying a ticket, Yet they won't concentrate on catching a killer! The Townehouse
Ok so I'm the Sound-Man. That's right I'm the guy who makes all those wacked out musicians sound so damn good. Actually most of the bands that play here are pretty damn good. I just clean up the rough edges and give 'em a bit of Hi-Fi so you can close your eyes and pretend you're listening to a REALLY LOUD  CD. Avyways this is my first Web-Page ever. lemme know what ya think of it.
Let's see what else can I tell ya...Our legal capacity is 200 persons. You're sitting at the bar & there's a pool table behind you and two more off to your right. The Men's can is behind you on the right hand side just past the dart board. And the Lady's room was on the right as you walked in the entrance. The stage is behind you on your left just beside the entrance and the sound board is at the opposite end of the room at the back. Come lemme show ya the pa
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