The Townehouse Tavern
  206 Elgin St. Sudbury
Ontario, Canada
P3E 3N1
Bar# (705) 674-6883 or fax# (705) 674-8911
      Sudbury's home to live original music
If you want music you can click here to pick your own song.

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Direct to: Meet the StaffClick on this guy to meet some of our crazy staff

Direct to: Meet the customers Click on this dude to hear from some of the nutty customers we have
Direct to: Band-List You guessed it. Here's where you can see who has played with us.
Our calendar will keep you up to date on who's coming to town and when.
PA Specs for all you techies out there For all you technical folks here's some specs about our P.A. System.
Cool Links.. informative links I set up.
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