Parking tickets are just another form of legalized extortion The Townehouse

        Well let's see...The Townhouse is a BAR, Nite Club whatever you wanna call it.  We are the ONLY club in Sudbury that allows even expects our entertainers to perform their own music. Hell we may be the only club like this in Northern Ontario, Canada.

        I feel that there are definatly too many dance clubs out there and enuff clubs bringing in the Top-40 cover bands already. But not enuff support for the original talent that is out there.  And  believe me there is alot of SERIOUSLY  talented folks out there.  All they need is a place to strut their stuff !!  We aim to do just that. I mean if you wanted top-40 You'd turn the radio on, and hear the original version... Rite?

        So come on in, relax, grab a seat in front of the stage where you can enjoy the band and they can see you.  Wait for one of the cute waitresses to get you a cold one.. OR  Maybe take a trip up to the bar to grab a drink (Paul makes the best damn Martini's around) or just grab a cold frosty beer or draft if that's what you want..

Price List
Reg size Domestic Sudz $3.25
Quart size Bottle Beer $5.05
Imported Bottled Beer $3.70
Small Draft $1.85
Big Ass Draft $3.35
Jugz O' draft $9.25
Shotz o' Booze $2.80
Shootahhz $2.25
Premium BooZe $3.80
Golden Tequilaz $3.80 (bring your own worm)
* NOTE: all prices include the government's selfish greedy cut.
You know the governmaent doesn't lift a bloody finger yet gets more money than the staff in tips. They tax your pay, then they tax the hell outta your booze, then you must pay even more (sales) taxes just to make a purchase. For what?  Can you say SUCKERS? Why do we put up with this?   Write you member of parliament today and complain about high taxes, extra taxes, hidden taxes, etc.

  Join Sound Man Doug at the bar