When you receive a fine the courts are basically saying you can do that as long as you can afford their PAYOLA The Townehouse
   Sudbury's home to The live Original  Entertainment scene !!
206 Elgin St. Sudbury, Ontario
Canada, P3E-3N5
(705)674-6883 or fax@ (705)674-8911
                                           The  Sub-woofer P.A.
Front  Of  House (FOH).....
2x Renhus Heinz mid-high Cabs each loaded with..
1xEV15"mid & 1xRH 2"Horn passively crossed over
2x Renkus Heinz Subs model:SUB215 each has
2xEV15" Drivers
*foh cabs are being doubled up soon as I locate more of 'em
2x QSC-MX1500 pwr amps (1500w ea@2ohms)
1x Renkus Heinz stereo active Intelligent sensing crossover

2x EV sidefills each with 1x2" horn 1x15'" low
end driver. Passivly crossed internally
2x EV Caberet co-axial wedges (1x12"low)+(1x1"horn)
2x EV7600 stereo pwr amps (750w ea@4ohms)
2 Mixes are done from F.O.H. console for now

F.O.H rack & board
1x Rane 31 band 1/3 octave Eq (Mains)
1x P.O.S. 31 band Eq (Mix 1)
1x Rane stereo 16 band EQ (mix2) + 1 (insert)
1x DOD stereo compressor (Main insert+Spare)
2x ART Multiverb Digital multi-FX Processors
1x Didigidesign DSP128 Digital Fx Processor
1x CD-Player
1x Tascam mixing desk (24-chans, 6-auxs 3-band EQ)

Microphones & Direct boxes
2x AKG D112 "footballs"
4x Shure SM57
4x EV 357a N-Dym
2x Shure SM58
2x AKG BK-1 Condensor
1x EV (?Duh?) Switched mic
1 x RadioShack Piece of shit (P.O.S.) I use as talkback
3x Rodam Director active Di Boxes w/Gnd lifts
 Send The Soundman some E-Mail  I'm always looking for a deal so anybody who has any equipment that we might be interested in can E-Mail me and let me know. Who knows you might have something I could use. It never  hurts to try..
Be careful with that axe Eugene!
Now if you wanna see some of the bands we've had clik on the guitar. I'll provide www links to each band as I find out where they are. Over time I'll be adding their Bio's as well...