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In October 1997, I developed Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)and was forced to retire. Since then I have spent many hours on the computer and internet. My other interests include:
1. Hamilton Pocket Watches and Memorabilia
2. Music from the 60's
3. Books (almost anything other than romance novels)
Having your own web site is the current rage. This is my attempt. It provides me with the opportunity to learn, share my experiences with others and dispose of some accumulated clutter. Thus, this web page will probably always be:


These are links to the sites of some fine folks who share this same leaking ship:
Maddjak's Parrot Page
Jon's Place
Tom's Vanity Page


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Tom's Genealogy
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The items listed below are things that I would like to get rid of. If you are interested in any of them please ask me about them via email.

Computer Accessories
Computer Hardware
Computer Imput Devices
Computer Software

Tom Watkins
Eau Gallie, Florida
United States

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