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He who hath a book
Hath a friend at hand

Poet Unknown

Intrenet Resources

My hotlist of Virtual Libraries, Encyclopedias, Multi-subject meta indexes and etc.

Indexes to and Archives of Online E-texts

Finally! A Reference Section You CAN Check Out!

(please excuse the pun. I couldn't resist )

Timeless Authors and Works


The Mad Cybrarian's Library

(These two sections will eventually meet in the middle and merge into one)

Search Engines

Foreign Languages and Literatures

Books for Sale

Booksellers on the Internet
Includes a link to "my favorite pen-pal"

Fables, Fairy Tales, Folklore, Legend,and Mythology

The Many Names and Faces of God

History of Humanity

Special Subjects in History and Legend

Angels and Angelic Beings from around the world

also includes many "mythological" being and creatures

Mystery Classics

Modern Myths & Folklore

an index to great literature in print, on the big screen, the small screen and on the net
(Ad-mir-al, there be movies here!)

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