Hey, all you girls who are by now drooling over the pic of this 
super-cute Brit TV's latest heart throb...back off 'coz he's mine! 
Haha... well, in all seriousness, he is 100% single and available! Any 

This month I will talk about his family, his life before Corrie. I will talk 
about his job, his body next month *dreams for ages about just how 
cute he is*L* oh right, where was I?  Then the month after that would 
be about his lovelife and little bite-size facts about him! So do come 
back for more!


He is 19 this year and he is the hottest new fella on telly, starring in UK soap opera 'Coronation Street'. Coincidentally, that's the street on which my school is at! Enough about me... on to him. He is the baby of the family with three older brothers Tim, Mark and Sam (I wonder if they are just as cute!) and they fought all the time when they were kids... Adam admits that he would bully Sam all the time although he was 2 years older! He is a self-confessed mummy's boy although he is a superstar. He still lives with his family although he earns a whooping £50,000 as Nicky Tisley! He had been living in boarding schools since seven and he reckons itís nice to have someone to do the laundry for him... and we thought he was a family man! *L* His family calls him Addy*L* ainít that so cute? (Thatís what I call my good friend Adelin too!) His parents, Gill and Peter keep a tight reign on him and he has to tell them where he goes at night and what time heíll be in. He can never bear to watch himself on TV unless his mum forces him to!
Life before Corrie
He went to a dead posh boys boarding school called Sedbergh and was a prefect and football star. The heartthrob of a nearby girlsí school, the lasses liked him so much they recruited him as a model for the GSCE fashion show! He may have a Peter Andre-type body but this guy isnít all pecs and no brains, he left school with 10 GCSEs and 4 A levels!He supported himself by modelling for underwear catalogues after leaving school, but he never told his mum... he cringes at the thought of it. He never wanted to be a TV star, in fact he was more keen on becoming PC Rickitt! Luckily fate intervened and he was offered the Corrie job... arenít we So glad? He revealed recently that he suffered from Bulimia as a school kid. He was struck down by a virus and lost 2 and a half stones... but he is now fighting fit! Heís 5"11 but he wanna be 6" tall... his pals were always bigger than him in school! His first role was a little green froggy in the his school production ĎToad of Toad Hallí when he was 12 and a lot shorter and rounder!

This is what he said... "I think when you're born, your soul is split 
into two and giver to your perfect partner. When you see each other 
you'll be with each other forever."  Ahh... ain't he a Romeo?

Did you know?
He once bought a huge cuddly toy of a pig for a girlfriend and there 
was  no bag for it at the shop so he had to walk done Manchester 
High Street with the massive thing under his arms! Loads of girls were 
asking him is it was for his girlfriend and he was like, "Get Lost!"

So much for this monthís Adam-talk... I will be back soon!
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