What is Tropic Cove?

Tropic Cove is a business created to provide for those who wish to enjoy a beautiful aquarium, but donít have either the time or the knowledge to maintain one. The staff at Tropic Cove are dedicated to creating and maintaining the most beautiful aquariums in the area, and take great pride in the health and striking beauty of the tanks we maintain. With an account with Tropic Cove, you are provided with:

There are many aquarium maintenance companies new to the Denver area. Our company is native to the area and is familiar with the qualities of the water here. Since most of the water is from mountain run-off, it possesses very different qualities from place to place as it runs down various rivers or seeps through underground springs, picking up dissolved minerals and metals. We can provide you with the best possible setup for your water type, or treat your water to provide for the needs of the fish you wish to keep.

Our aquariums are not the type of tank you would see at a pet store, but are lush, breathtaking underwater gardens. Using the elements of art and design, we integrate the concepts of texture, form, color, and size with our working knowledge of aquatic animals and plants to create true works of art. Depending on your desires, we can set up simple aquariums with traditional designs; given more freedom we can create stunning natural looking views, filled with verdant plants and dramatic natural highlights, where the fish seem to float happily in their own paradise. We can provide both freshwater and saltwater setups, as well as aquaterrariums, part land and part water, where fish and aquatic plants coexist in the same tank with frogs, lizards, or other terrestrial animals and plants. Whatever your choice, a tank that is designed and maintained by Tropic Cove will leave a vivid impression on anyone who sees it.

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