the red rooster

the red rooster

Vince McMahon and the WWF mishandled Terry Taylor in an indisputable way. Behind the horrible getup you see Taylor wearing above, is an athlete who is quick, powerful and extremely talented, even possessing above average microphone skills.

Before arriving in the WWF in 1988 Terry Taylor had been enjoying an eight-year wrestling career in federations such as the UWF and the NWA. There he was a successful and decorated performer with a solid fan following, he was especially popular with lady spectators, who let's just say enjoyed his "boyish good looks". Then the WWF, and Vince McMahon came knocking on Taylor's door, boasting of greener pastures, in the form of fame, recognition and of course money. It seemed Vince appreciated Terry's talent and would push him to superstar status - Terry had finally reached the big show!

A baby face Taylor, ready for the big time!

However, to the dismay of Terry and his fans from the Mid-South, the WWF came up with one of the most horrible gimmicks in history for the unsuspecting Taylor. He was dubbed the Red Rooster; the whole premise of the angle was to portray Taylor as a rookie-flunky or stooge - in short, just a nincompoop. It was unbelievable, he would rooster strut and peck his nose on the way to the ring, while occasionally singing out "cock-a-doodle-do" in a horrid shriek. To top it all off he had his hair spiked with a large red protruding ridge in the center of his head. The shrewd Bobby Heenan was appointed his manager, and they both portrayed a cocky attitude with villainous overtones. Almost every match Taylor competed in as the Red Rooster contained the same story line. He would be in complete control from the first ring of the bell, but instead of finishing his opponent, he would turn to Heenan and ask in a confused fashion what to do next. With that, his opponent would roll up Taylor from behind in a small package for the three count, leaving Heenan enraged and Taylor scratching his head.

Although Taylor was a great technical wrestler, he would gain nothing more than mid-card status in the WWFthe angle was simply cutthroat. After leaving the WWF he enjoyed some success in the WCW as "Terrence Taylor" before retiring at the age of 40 from the squared circle, a career of injuries had finally taken it's toll. Taylor although no longer wrestling, still remained in the business, staying with WCW as a behind the scenes executive and booker. He is the man that many credit as the mastermind behind the hugely popular NWO angle, and many hold him personally responsible for bringing WCW to legitimacy. Taylor is currently employed by the WWF, doing some commentary and working his magic behind the curtain, however he will always be remembered as THE RED ROOSTER by wrestling fans everywhere! The "honor" of this scar can be accredited to none other than Vince McMahon and the WWF.


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