A Blue Savannah: An Erasure Tribute
A Blue Savannah

Hello, and welcome to A Blue Savannah, my little tribute page to THE greatest band today, the one, the only Erasure. But then again, you probablly already new that, seeing as how you're here and all smiles.
Here, you will find little tidbits of information relating to Erasure. Album listings, lyric listings, pictures, downloadable midi files of their songs, plus bio information. There's other plans in the works right now, but seeing as how this is a new page and all, I want to have reasons to keep y'all coming back here. Anywho, adventure on and enjoy your stay here.
Andy and Vince, if you just happen to be reading this, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for the years of auditory and visual enterrtainment you have been so gracious in providing to us all. You guys have been my favorite band for years now, and you were the band that launched my fondness of synth-pop and started my transition into alternative music. I'm very grateful for that and I hope you guys keep cranking out the great albums and singles. Thanks again.

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