HI THERE! My name is Molly, (also known as Jolly, giggles and similar nics). I live in Portland, Ore., and yes it's true, we have rust spots instead of freckles-- but I won't cop to the web feet rumor!!The above live sky-cam is located in downtown Portland and usually points East. That's the Willamette River which divides East and West. Though I grew up in Portland, I spent alot of my life at the beach, and lived over 20 years in Newport. The sky-cam below is located on top of the Embarcadaro Resort in Newport. That's Yaquina Bay, sometimes it shows the fishing fleet docks and usually shows the most beautiful bridge in the world! (My opinion anyway). So WELCOME to my homepage! I offer a variety of sites and will add to it often, so come back and see what's NEXT!! Thank you to my friends who helped me build this site and a special THANKS to Amber and Kathy who have the patience of Saints!!!
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