My name is Earl S. Pullin. From 1956 to 1963 I served as Gunners' Mate on the USS HELENA. During that time not only did I learn basic seamanship but I also came to love the HELENA. Over time, the USS HELENA became my second home and I spent many wonderful years aboard her until she was decomissioned.
I am putting together this Web-Site to share some of my experiences and hopefully to give you a small place on the "web" to share yours as well, whether it be on the USS HELENA, or other ship in our great United States Navy. I hope this page is as fun for you to view as it is to share with you.

Thank You for Visiting,
Earl S. Pullin

Bob Kern, President
582 W. Clark St.
Upland, CA. 91784-1966

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Ships Included in this Web-Site
USS Helena CA-75 Ships History
USS Maddox DD-731 Ships History
USS O'Brien DD-725 Ships History
USS Hector AR-7 Ships History


Be sure to visit the forum and share your memories of the "Queen Of The Fleet"!

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If you served on the USS Helena,
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Earl S. Pullin

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