1st Sargents Home Page

This page is designed for the Present as well as for the future Cavalry Trooper.It will contain information as how to get into a unit as well as information on upcoming events.It MUST be remembered that this is a hobby that can get expensive at times.On the other hand it is a hobby that can be enjoyed by the entire Family.

For the new Trooper

The hobby known as civil war re-enacting is a very rewarding one. At most events the entire family is welcome to participate. You are not required to go out and buy everything that is needed at once you will have plenty of time to get all your gear together. Also it is not neccesary to own a horse. A lot of people have started out in the dismounted Cavalry. A mounted Cavalry Trooper may spend well over 2000 Dollars before they have everything that is required (minus the horse).It is recommended that you only get what you need to avoid having to drag it in and out of the field.AGAIN at first you will think "well I have to have that".Check with your 1st Sgt before you buy anything.Some items may be purchased used saving a lot of money.Scroll Through these pages to find what you need and where to get it.

More Cavalry Information-Pictures
everything you need and want to know