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News Updated 2/28/07

NEW! Check out the Official "The Condemned" site -- a trailer is up!

Manu has been busy lately. Look for him in the theater in the following three movies this year and next. I'll post more information as I get it:

A little trivia: Manu auditioned for the Tombraider sequel, but unfortunately, didn't win the part because of a broken wrist.

Mark Antony

Manu played the sexy Marc Antony in the Xena episode, Antony and Cleopatra.

Personal Information

(Special thanks to those who have written me with information. I really appreciate it.)

Manu was born in Rotorua, New Zealand-born. He is of Arawa and Kahungunu Maori descent.

His family took him to Australia (is mother is Australian) as a baby. He grew up in Newcastle. He eventually moved back to New Zealand.

He went to high school at Kotara High in NSW Australia.

He's always been involved with and interested in athletics and performing. His father, Ted Bennett, was also an entertainer (singer). One of his first achievments was a how to breakdance book featuring himself and a friend showing different break moves. I have some pictures a nice fan sent me that I hope to add to the site soon.

Jon studied acting, dance, and music at the University of New South Wales and at the Lee Strasberg Institute in Los Angeles.

He plays the piano, keyboards, and guitar and writes and sings his own songs.

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For a complete listing, check out the IMDB

Dark Heaven (2003) -- Manu played Gabriel Goodman, a cop, in this film .

Mataku (2002) -- This television 8-hour drama series is an anthology of dramas based on Maori supernatural legends. Mataku was directed by Manu's writer/director cousin, Michael Bennett, and was produced by South Pacific Pictures. Manu was in Episode 12, Going to War.

Street Legal (2002-2003) -- Manu played Matt Urlich on the third series of NZ channel 2's Thursday night drama police drama. Matt was a promising cop who was trained in law and worked undercover for two years and was on a fast track to the top. Partnered up with senior detective, Kees Van Dam (Charles Mesure), he become discouraged with the police force when a witness is shot during an undercover operation. Matt then accepts an offer by David Silesi (Jay Laga'aia) to join the law firm Wyeth and Associates.

Lantana (2001) -- He plays Steve in this Australian movie. The cast for this movie is amazing. He plays a Latin dancer.

Shortland Street (2001-2002) -- Manu played lawyer Jack Hewitt on the New Zealand soap opera .

Xena: The Warrior Princess (2000) -- Antony in the episode, Antony and Cleopatra. He was credited as Jon Bennett, a stage name he used for a short while.

Beastmaster (the TV series) (1999) -- Terron Leader.

The Violent Earth (mini series) (1998) -- Wanatcha in Part Two, Farewell to Innocence

Jon as Wanatcha

Water Rats (1997) -- Joseph Lipinski in the episodes One Dead Rat and Goldie's Trip.

Lady Chatterly's Lover -- Oliver Mellor, in the 1996 Melbourne outdoor theatre production. Thanks to Rachel for sending me these beautiful pictures!

Paradise Beach -- Jon played Kirk Barsby in this Australian soap (it only lasted one year, 1993-1994).

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