Kevin Sorbo on E! Television

E! Interview, June 2000

Kevin talked about his new show, Andromeda, on E!. Here is a transcript and some snaps from the show. Greg Agnew had the "Intergalatic details":

Kevin talks to Greg Agnew Kevin talks to Greg Agnew

Kevin: There is no warp speed, there are no phasers, thereís no "beam me up, Scotty." All that stuff is gone.

Capt. Hunt and the crew close-up of Capt. Hunt

Greg Agnew: Even so, the presence of Gene Rodenberry is still felt on the massive Vancouver set.

Kevin snapping his fingers and goofing off Kevin snapping his fingers and goofing off

Greg Agnew: On the starship Andromeda Ascendant, Kevin Sorbo plays Captain Dylan Hunt. And the Captain is also a Trekkie.

Kevin on the set Kevin on the set

Kevin: I said, "Gene Rodenberry? Heck yeah." I mean, I grew up a big Star Trek fan, so I was very interested to see what they had, and I fell in love with it right away.

Greg Agnew: The skipper welcomed E! News aboard with an exclusive tour of his starship. And weíre definitely not on the old U.S.S. Enterprise anymore.


Medical Bay Medical Bay

Kevin: Once again, the reference wonít be anything to what Star Trek was. Theirs was sick bay. Ours is medical bay. So there are things that are different with it.

Medical Bay

Kevin: This room over in here... This, I have no idea what this does, I donít know if this is a brain scan or if this is some sort of a weird sort of a spinal tap machine. I have no clue.

Kevin on the set Kevin on the set

Kevin: The rest of it is pretty impressive. I would say the bridge is probably double the size of what other Star Trek shows are. Because this ship is reeeeeally big. Itís really, really big. The space is reeeally big.

Greg Agnew: The Captain packs some impressive looking sidearms that replace the old Star Trek phasers.

Impressive phallic sidearms Laughing about that sidearm

Kevin: This is our lance. See, youíre making me laugh about this now, because there have been a few jokes on the set about what they actually look like. But, see, I personally think theyíd be a great toy. So... just batteries arenít included.

Greg Agnew: But the hardest part about commanding a starship is how to drive the darn thing.

Driving lessons Here's the control panel

Kevin: Itís pretty much, you know, I have no idea. Just press any thing and see if the ship blows up.

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