Erik Thomson

Erik Thomson

Erik is best known on Hercules and Xena as the sexy Hades, god of the underworld. But he also plays King Daulin in the first season Hercules episode, The Vanishing Dead (Unfortunately, I don't have pictures from this episode.)

Here are pictures of him as Hades in the Xena episode, Death In Chains. He was only on for a few moments, but he certainly knows how to make an entrance! I also have shots of Talus from that episode.

Hades in Death in Chains Hades in Death in Chains

Hades in Death in Chains

Adventures in the Sin Trade -- Hades replaces the helmet with a crown.

Mortal Beloved -- Xena helps Hades out.

Highway to Hades -- Contrary to the name, Hades appearance in this episode was brief.

Other Roles

Julius Caesar -- Erik was Cassius in Auckland Theatre's Presentation of this play. Follow the link to see a great picture of him.

All Saints -- Check out the links below for some great pages on this Australian medical drama.

Water Rats -- I have links below to some great pages on this Australian cop show.


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