Michael Hurst

The Wrong Path

Michael appeared in the Jack of All Trades episode, Shark Bait.

Most of the time, the extremely talented Michael played Hercules' sexy sidekick Iolaus, though he also played several other characters. I'm most impressed with his obvious comfort in front of the camera. I've posted some snaps from just a few of the episodes he's been in.

As Iolaus

Fade Out -- Some Iolaus II.

War Wounds -- Iolaus spends a lot of time saving Iphicles' butt (and what a nice butt it is). If I were so inclined, I could find a lot of subtext in some of these shots!

Armaggedon Now, Part 1, and Part 2 -- Iolaus plays the hero for once.

Stranger in a Strange World -- He had a dual role as cool Iolaus and fool Ioalus.

As Other Characters

Yes, Virginia, There is a Hercules -- Michael was all but unrecognizable in this episode. He was wonderful.

...And Fancy Free -- It may not look like it at first, but Michael Hurst is in this episode!

Mortal Beloved (Xena) -- Michael also plays the ferryman of the underworld in both Hercules, Xena, and Young Hercules. Who could have known that Mr. Hurst could look so... well, ugly!

The ever handsome Charon
Michael as Charon

Personal Information

Born 20 September 1957

Married to Jennifer Ward-Lealand (who played Boadicea and Zera on Xena and Voluptua on Hercules)

They have two sons, Jack Louis (25 January 1997) and Cameron Lane (2 December 1999) Ward Hurst

Fan Club Info: (e-mail them first -- I don't know how updated this info is)
Michael Hurst Fan Club
P.O. Box 49622
Algood, TN 38506
E-mail: sungirl@tnaccess.com

U.S.: $18.00, Canada: $19.00 U.S., and Overseas: $21.00 U.S. by international postal money order.

In Person

21-23 January 2000 Pasadena, CA, Convention -- I finally got the honor of seeing Michael in person. He's great. He appeared with Kevin Sorbo in a farewell to Hercules tribute.


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