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I discovered Alex while watching Xena: The Warrior Princess.

Alex (aka Zeus) also belongs to the Los Angeles-based band Simpleworld. He is the lead singer and plays guiter. With the band, his name is Zeus. The other members are actor Michael Trucco and Alex's college buddies Kevin McMahon, Christian Lipski, and "M." I found a nice picture of the band on Christian Lipski's Flickr page. I can't find much on the band, so I'm not certain it's still together.


For a complete list of his roles, visit Alex's IMDB page.

CSI: Miami -- Alonzo Ruiz in the episode Shock (2006)

Biohazard 4 (Video Game) -- Villagers/Zealots (Voice) (2005)

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (Video Game) -- Voice (2005)

Hunter -- Tony Santiago, 2003

Strong Medicine -- Father Perez, in the episode Rebirth. (2001)

Much Ado About Nothing -- August 2001 East L.A. Classic Theatre (ECT) production at John Anson Ford Amphitheatre. He played Claudio.

Port Charles -- Alex played the third incarnation (August 2000 to 3 July 2001; 19 February 2002 to 6 March 2002) of Dr. Joseph Parnell Scanlon on this soap opera. Unfortunately, my local station doesn't show this soap. It figures that he would be off the show when I finally get the Soap Channel and could've watched!

Murder in the Mirror -- In this 2000 made-for-TV movie he plays, interestingly enough, a character named Mendoza.

Xena: The Warrior Princess -- Lucifer, in the episode Heart of Darkness (2000).

Crusade (1999 TV Series) -- Trace Miller in the episodes War Zone and Ruling From the Tomb.

Baywatch -- Jared Wilson, in the episode titled Thunder Tide (#10.16, 2000). I'll have to keep an eye out for the repeat of this one.

Pensacola: Wings of Gold -- Eric Perez, in the episode titled Cuba Libre (#2.17, 1999). I hope to get some snaps up of this one.

Beverly Hills 90210 -- Eric, in the episode Brandon Leaves (#9.5, 1998).

Charmed -- Jack Manford, in the episode titled Dream Sorcerer (#1.5, 1998). I watch this show! How did I miss him?

Personal Info

Born in Chihuahua, Mexico.

His birthday is October 27.

Raised in Phoenix, Arizona.

Has five siblings.

Started out studying political science at Santa Clara University, but quickly switched to the theater arts program.

Also sings with Simpleworld.

He and wife, Cari Shayne, have one son, Gaelan Edward, who was born in October 2004.

Lives in Los Angeles.

Performed in East LA Classic Theater, a not-for-profit program designed to introduce inner-city children to classic literature and help bridge interculture boundaries.

Favorite musical group is U2.


Alex's Resume on IMDB

Simpleworld Amplifies pop -- a 29 October 2003 article on the band.

Alex Mendoza Page -- This official site is currently in progress, but some very nice head shots are posted.

GH2 Online's Alex Mendoza Bio -- They spelled Xena wrong!

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