Charles Mesure

Read the lovely New Zealander Listener Charles Mesure article (by Fiona Rae, 2-8 July 2005).

Charles has been really busy lately! In January 2005, he was on an episode of Lost. In 2005, he's also been in two episodes of Stacked, an episode of Without A Trace, and three episodes of Crossing Jordan. It certainly looks like he's making his move here in the United States, and I hope to see a lot more of him. I'll try to keep a closer eye on any upcoming work he'll be doing.

Charles appeared at the 30 January to 1 February 2004 Creation convention in Burbank, California. Check out Kiari's report and pictures. It seems that, unsurprisingly, Charles was a big hit.

Charles is yet another talented, handsome actor who has been used multiple times in the Xena/Hercules universe.

On Hercules

Yes, Virginia, There is a Hercules -- Charles had a small part as a bad actor in this Hercules episode. Very funny! Many other Xena and Hercules hunks were also in this episode.

Revelations -- I hope to eventually have pictures of Charles in his first appearance as Michael the Archangel.

On Xena

Heart of Darkness -- Michael is back yet again!

The Haunting of Amphipolis -- Michael made a very brief appearance in this episode.

Fallen Angel -- The second appearance of Michael. Wow!

The Dirty Half Dozen -- Charles looking great as the outlaw, Darnell.

The Price -- I hope to soon have pictures of Charles as Mercer in this Xena episode.

Other Work

See the IMDB for a complete listing of Charles's work.

Crossing Jordan -- J.D. Pollack in Judgement Day, Enlightenment, and Total Recall.

Without a Trace -- Emil Dornvald in End Game.

Stacked -- Eddie Banks in the episodes Pilot and Ex Appeal.

Lost -- Bryan in the episode Hearts and Minds (12 January 2005).

Street Legal -- Charles plays officer Kees Van Damm in this NZ television drama.

Tiger Country -- Constable Barry Gardener ('Compost')

Duggan: Death in Paradise

Mirror, Mirror Series 2 -- A children's show. He played Matthew/Tobias.

City Life -- Ryan (he gets to kiss Kevin Smith!) This was his first professional acting role.

Personal Information

Born in Somerset, England on 12 August 1970

Emigrated to Australia at the age of 5

Studied Law at one point but finally decided acting was his calling.

Attended the National Institute of Drama Art (NIDA) in Sydney

Spent a month with members of the Auckland Crime Squad to prepare for Street Legal.


A Charles bio at a Boogeyman site

The Street Legal site's Charles bio

Kathryn Rawlings Actors Agency -- This is Charles's agent's site. It's Charles Mesure page has a very complete listing of his work.

The Gibson Group -- Producers of several of the shows Charles has been on.

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