Who Wants To Be a Millionaire

Kevin got to appear on a celebrity edition of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire. He proved that he's not all brawn, he's also brains. He was the second person in the hot seat (after John Leguazamo). He had to put U.S. cities in order from east to west. One of the cities was Minneapolis, but I can't remember the others. He didn't get the one shown in the snaps below (the one where the movies had to be put in order by day of the week). Unfortunately, when phone-a-friend Michael Hurst got the answer to his question wrong, Kevin ended walking away with only $32,000 for A World Fit for Children. But I'm sure that they appreciate every penny.

During his talk with Regis, Kevin shared a "picture" (sonogram) of his new son-to-be.

The celebrities that appeared with Kevin were Chevy Chase, Edie Falco, John Leguazamo, Jason Alexander, Martin Short, Kelly Ripa, Ben Stiller, Dennis Franz, and Alfre Woodard. Kevin sat on the very end next to Alfre.

I've listed all of Kevin's questions and answers below the screen captures.

millionaire01.jpg millionaire02.jpg millionaire03.jpg millionaire04.jpg millionaire05.jpg millionaire06.jpg
millionaire07.jpg millionaire08.jpg millionaire09.jpg millionaire10.jpg millionaire11.jpg millionaire12.jpg
millionaire13.jpg millionaire14.jpg millionaire15.jpg millionaire16.jpg millionaire17.jpg millionaire18.jpg
millionaire19.jpg millionaire20.jpg millionaire21.jpg millionaire22.jpg millionaire23.jpg millionaire24.jpg
millionaire25.jpg millionaire26.jpg millionaire27.jpg millionaire28.jpg millionaire29.jpg millionaire30.jpg
millionaire31.jpg millionaire32.jpg millionaire33.jpg millionaire34.jpg millionaire35.jpg millionaire36.jpg

$100 -- A stubborn person is most likely to say "It's my way or the" what?

A: Asphalt B: Highway C: Turnpike D: Way you want it, I guess

Kevin got this one (B: Highway) with no help, of course.

$200 -- Which of the following would a squirrel most likely eat?

A: Fish B: Dirt C: Acorn D: Three alarm chili

Another easy one (C: Acorn)

$300 -- A person that mentions at a coctail party that he knows a celebrity is often called a what?

At this point, Jason Alexander popped in with an answer of his own: "Agent."

A: Nail-biter B: Name-dropper C: Namby-pamby D: Kato Kaelin

The answer was B: Name-dropper.

$500 -- Introduced in 1957, what animal is commonly displayed as a classic plastic lawn ornament?

Chevy Chase's commentary was "Steve Martin." At this point, Kevin claimed to just be the straight man in all of this.

A: Brown bear B: Green lizard C: Orange cat D: Pink Flamingo

Still in the easy categories (D: Pink Flamingo).

$1000 -- By definition, an au pair looks after a person's what?

Kevin's turn for commentary: "You know, I lived with a couple of Swedish au pairs when I was in Sydney, Australia, and anyway..." He wouldn't elaborate. After all, Sam was present.

A: Children B: Legal matters C: Investments D: Garden

So, once again, Kevin needed no help (A: Children).

$2000 -- Chuck Woolery hosted which of these TV series?

A: That's Incredible B: Love Connection C: Real People D: Hollywood Squares

B: Love Connection

$4000 -- Balsamic and cider are types of what cooking ingredient?

A: Olive oil B: Flour C: Salt D: Vinegar

Kevin expressed a dislike for cooking questions and needed a little help with this one, though I think he pretty much knew what it was (D: Vinegar).

$8000 -- In a 1984 song, what singer sings about a "smooth operator"?

A: Natalie Cole B: Toni Braxton C: Sade D: Janet Jackson

Kevin corrected Regis's mispronunciation of Sade...

With a little encouragement from the other celebrities, Kevin chose the correct answer (C: Sade).

$16K -- In the 1994 movie "Forrest Gump," what is the name of the girl who Forrest Gump loves?

A: Laura B: Jenny C: Elizabeth D: Mary

Kevin claimed to have loved this movie, but paused a bit over the answer. So of course his fellow celebs gave him a push in the right direction (B: Jenny).

$32K -- The tandoori method of cooking is most closely associated with which of the following cuisines?

Kevin pointed out the excess of cooking questions in this round...

A: Italian B: French C: Indian D: Ethiopian

Kevin rationalized his answer of C: Indian (after a little help from the peanut gallery) with "Because... I went to a high school, we were the Mound Westonca Mohawks..."

$64K -- In the Broadway musical "Evita" what historic figure narrates the story?

A: Che Guevara, B: Fidel Castro, C: Simon Bolivar, D: Cear Chavez

Kevin had to poll the audience. With their help, he got the correct answer (A: Che Guevara)

$125K -- I'm nobody. Who are you?" is the beginning of a famous poem written by whom?

A: Langston Hughes B: Sylvia Plath C: Allen Ginsberg D: Emily Dickinson

Having no idea, Kevin narrowed it to two -- Plath and Dickinsen. Unfortunately, these were the two he was torn between. So he called Michael Hurst because "Michael knows everything." Unfortunately he doesn't know everything. Michael, after some uncertainity, picked Plath. It was D: Emily Dickenson. So Kevin walked away with $32,000.

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