Tim Thomerson

On Xena Tim played Meleager, a hero and one of Gabrielle's idols. But, Meleager has a bad habit of drinking a bit too much which causes some problems. He does a terrific job!

The Execution

I'm sorry if the quality of these pictures isn't the best. I had a poor copy to work from.

meleager01.jpg meleager02.jpg meleager03.jpg meleager04.jpg
meleager05.jpg meleager06.jpg meleager07.jpg meleager08.jpg
meleager09.jpg meleager10.jpg meleager11.jpg meleager12.jpg
meleager13.jpg meleager14.jpg meleager15.jpg meleager16.jpg

Other Shows

Tim has done a huge amount of work. For a complete list, got to the IMDB. I have snaps of just a few of the things he's done:

Escape From Atlantis -- A silly movie where Tim plays... a drunk!

Ally McBeal -- Tim was in one of the first episodes of 1998 Fall season. The episode was called They Eat Horses, Don't They?.

Near Dark -- Tim fights vampires.

As Himself

WarriorCon -- Tim graced us with his presence at this convention. He's a really great guy. I have a few pictures of him.


Tim Thomerson.com -- A really terrific page. Tim even answers fan questions.

Tim Thomerson -- The Undisputed King of B Movies

Whoosh! Interview of Tim by Bret Rudnick.

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