Joel Tobeck

[Armaggedon Now]

Joel is best know for his role of Strife. And what a great character Strife is (or was, before they killed him off). Of course, he was so missed they brought Joel back as Strife for the sadly short-lived Young Hercules (which the lousy St. Louis Fox station didn't get anyway) and on Hercules and Xena as Deimos, the god of terror. He's an absolute riot, and a great sidekick for Ares.


Yes, Virginia, There is a Hercules -- Joel has two minor, but integral roles in this one. Oddly, it seems to contradict what happened in Armaggedon Now. I wish.

Armaggedon Now, Part 1 -- He's a blast in this episode. Unfortunately, he's also killed off, so he's only in the "Last Week on Hercules" clips of Part 2, but I did get a good shot of him from that. He'll be missed.

Fade Out -- Joel comes back as yet another charactor! Deimos.

Promises -- I hope to get pictures of Joel as King Beraeus soon.

Young Hercules

I hope to eventually get shots of him from Young Hercules.

As Himself

4 March 2000, Hartford Conneticut Creation Convention -- Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend, but The Bards Band Homepage has wonderful pictures.

26-27 February 2000 New York City Creation Convention -- I wasn't able to go, but The Bards Band Homepage has some fantastic pictures.

21-23 January 2000 Pasadena, CA, Convention -- Joel put on a great show, both in his question and answer section, and in his performance at the Friday night cabaret.

23-24 January 1999 Santa Monica, CA, Convention -- Joel made a lot of new fans at his first convention appearance. Gina Torres, Alexandra Tydings, Ryan Gosling, Dean O'Gorman, Chris Conrad, Kevin Sorbo, Claire Stansfield, Karl Urban, and Lucy Lawless were also there.

16-17 October 1999 San Francisco Creation Convention -- Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it, but I heard Joel was a big hit. Check out Paula's, Kiari's, and Toireasa's wonderful pictures.


Totally Tobeck -- Pictures of and articles on Joel.

An Interview with Joel -- By Bret Rudnick, July 1999

Channelling Baby -- An overview of Joel and his role.

Perfect Strangers (bio and picture)

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