Hello there! This is Midori Hirtzel, the Page Maintainer. I'm also the unofficial librarian and chronicler here at Ravenskeep. I keep track of the exploits of the Kithain of SilverWood on the Web, and Lady Valeria liked my work so much she installed me as librarian.

Anyway, here's some information about the Kithain on the Web. Some of it is stuff I put together for myself, and some of it is from other people, but I think all of it is useful, whether you're just a casual browser or a dedicated researcher.

In order to achieve maximum compatibility, I've given you two choices on how to view the library:

A note to Macintosh users: I do all my work, including everything on this site, on IBM compatibles. Therefore, all of the compressed files in this library are in ZIP format. You'll need something that can read this format to uncompress these files. I also will accept no responsibility if you can't read these files. I can offer you my sympathy, but that's about it. :-)

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