Chris Tong's Home Page
This is the site of one of my good friends who go to Stanford. He's got a bunch of good links to some anime sites, language sites, and various other things. Nice site to visit. I like the pic.
Godai's Weekly mp3
Well, this is another friend's homepage. If you want some good anime mp3's, go here. He updates this weekly, so you can get a good selection. Just try to avoid any of the chibi senshi stuff. ^_^
Nathan's Page
This is my cousin's webpage. It's a good page to visit, especially if you're interested in dentistry. He has plenty of links involving cars, music, and other things.
John Celio's Page
One of my friends in Davis, he's really into Star Wars and SIP... really cool, hehe. Well, it's a bunch of pictures... including a couple of him.


Anime Web Turnpike: The best and foremost place to find anything about any kind of anime. Very well organized and you should have absolutely no problem finding what you need.
Anime and Manga Resources: Another good place to look for anime. It has a lot of good stuff and is a little less organized, but still a wonderful place to go.
Anime Theme: A good place to get an anime desktop theme for your computer. Has a wide selection of anime. Get everything from Dragonball to Tenchi.


The Official NBA Webpage: Well, this is pretty obvious. Go here if you like b-ball.
Bored.Com: Well, go here if you're plenty bored. This is a great site when it's late at night and you don't really feel like studying for that midterm or writing that paper.
Keirsey Personality Test: Test your personality to see what exactly you are. Highly recommended.
ESPN Sportzone: Well, ESPN's official website. Go here for up to the minute scores in several sports as well as provocative articles in almost every field.
University of California, Davis : My school. Well, I guess you can go here for info on the school, if you wanna go here. Gots info on classses and stuff. Nice place... but watch out for cows, hehe.
Napster: Get mp3's. That's all you need to know.