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A Ship passenger list  may contain the full list but most are partial and contain Italian names. You must remember that many of these list are very hard to read and that most times there a a great many spelling errors. The Persons transcribing them have tried their best to make them readable, but sometimes that's just not possible. Please remember these people are not professionals and only fellow researchers like you and I.

   Please do not rely on this information as being fact. As I said we have done the best we can. But you must consider the endless possibilities of similar names, along with the spelling incompatibility. These lists are meant to be a tool to send you in a direction of possibly finding the correct person. You need to verify information to be sure.

Most of the lists are not alphabetized. The reason for this is that many times people traveled together. By using the list in this way you may be able to find other family members or friends along with the person you are searching. Yes it is much harder to search but if you use the search engine I provided it will give you the ship list that the name was found on so that you do not have to search them all.

Research Ideas

Name changes are a problem for many. There are many different reasons for this. So the best way may be to search several variations on any given name.
Please remember that in Italy a woman used her family or maiden name, she did not take the name of her spouse at marriage.
You may even try searching by Comune (town) If you know where the person was from. Not all ships list this information but some do.

Why some ships are split to several pages

Some ships have been split into several page due to their length. If they took to long to load I was afraid that many of you would not be able to access the info. I did not want to archive this information because I feel many would overlook it, if it had to be downloaded as a file. Many of you are beginners in this field and to computers so I have tried to make it as easy as possible for everyone.

Ports of departure

Most Italians left from ports in Italy. Some did not, there are many reasons for this and far to many to list. But a few of them may be the cost of passage the proximity of the port and passport restrictions. La Harve, France seems to be one of the biggest choices for the Italian Immigrant outside of Italian Ports.



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