1998 Mike Verde/NYPD Death Pool: Final results!

Our final 1998 standings!

  1. Dan Davis #2: 176 points
  2. Mike Allen: 55 points
  3. Tom Kenney: 45 points
  4. Belen, Tom B., Ed, Dan #1, Lorraine #3, SMK, Debra, and Mike S.: 18 points
  5. Everyone else: 0 points, except...
  6. John Kerr: -18 points

(Why didn't we do better? Well, for one thing, U.S. airlines closed out 1998 without a single one of their 615 million passengers having died in an aviation accident, a never-before-achieved feat.)

So Dan takes home the first-prize winnings, less the $8 he tossed into the '99 Pool's kitty, a check for $35.50.

The remaining $14.50 will go to Alfonso, once he responds to my repeated e-entreaties, as his deeply sick McCaughey septuplets list won the voting for '98's Best List. Here's how the vote shook out:

  1. Alfonso: 8 points
  2. Jessica: 2 points
    Jack: 2 points (whoo-hoo!)
  3. Anne: 1 point
  4. Dan D.: 1 point


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"Two thousand zero zero party over am out of time!
But to Maddie Coates' tune Ice Water
I am to party like it's 1999!"