1998 Mike Verde/NYPD Death Pool:
Date-of-First-Death Sub-Pool

Intending either to force the Grim Reaper's hand or stave off universal indifference, here's an interest-inducing sub-pool:

A free 1999 list goes to whomever comes closest to guessing the correct date
of the first 1998 Verde Death Pool death.
(Deadline for guesses, one per person, was Good Friday, April 10.)

Date-of-First-Death Sub-Pool
The Guesser......and The Guess:
Ed Coates *April 19
Ken FlintApril 20
Tom KenneyMay 10
Mike Allen **May 12
Olympia LambertMay 12
Dan DavisMay 17
Lori WardJune 28
Alfonso VillanuevaSeptember 1
Jessica BewseeSeptember 21
Theresa HitchensOctober 31

* Says Ed: "It's the beginning of World Laboratory Animals Week --
let's whack a Hollywood weasel to commemorate the occasion!"

** Mike, who's prepaid his Pool dues halfway through the year 2000,
is looking for a free ride through the end of the Clinton presidency.

And the winner, thanks to Pol Pot, doing us a favor on Tax Day '98, is Ed Coates!
Ed receives a free list for 1999.

Way cool, Daddy-o, but let's go to...