~*~ "Poems Writen During" ~*~
~*~ "Turbulent Times" ~*~

~*~ Other Or Indian ~*~
They told me I was an OTHER.
They have already taken away
My land, and my language.
Now this place takes my race.
But there is one thing they will
never take, and thats my spirt.
My spirit knows that I am INDIAN.

~*~ Remember Crazy Horse ~*~
Stains of olden
Dark and obliqe
For a life has passed
And reached it's peak
Hopes of happiness
love and peace
Lie losy in the stillness
Like the lilly of the pond
As we listen for the drummer's song
Of he who lived to fill our hearts
And as sacred colors paint the sky
The horse that danced again will fly
So we will continue
With our found rememberance
Of Crazy Horse

~*~ The Dream ~*~
I woke up this morning or was it yesterday?
Oh well it doesen't matter;
Time will still be here, so will I...
Wait a minute, Maybe...I'm not here at all.
Could this be another dream?
Yeah, thats it. I'm dreaming;
I mean this couldn't be actually be happening,
could it? I know it's a dream!
In a few minutes I'll wake up.
Find myself back home in my bed,
With my man in reality!
Or...is that were reality begins?

~*~ A Warrior Lost ~*~
Grand Father, White mans being destroys Life itself.
A warrior once strong in Heart, Mind, and Spirit.
Warriors with Honor and Pride.
Through White mans exissence and Laws.
Fate to a Warrior brings Existence.
A Warrior bows his head in Dishonor,
A strong Heart, but Spirit lives.
A Spirit with life like the Eagle.
Powerful, Beautiful, and Graceful.
Knowledge and Wisdom like the Owl, but
Above all Free and Ones Self.
As his Spirit the Great Heavens,
A New� Life into his Whole Being.
Like the Eagle a Warrior
years for Domain of new Horizons.
As the Warrior gives of himself
To the Fate creates his Destiny.
He Fears nothing, defends nothings.
As the Warriors Spirit Soars
Past the Eagle to Freedom.

~*~ King Of The Sky ~*~
Oh Great Eagle,
King of the sky,
Lift my spirit up,
Carry me high,
Wings of Strength,
That float along,
Take me away,
To freedom beyoud,
At peace I may live,
With you above,
All that I give,
Is heart-felt Love.
Blood Of The Land
I want to be free
fly like me brother
I want the experiences to live like you live to be free.
Not for the white man to shoot at like they did to our ancestors and brothers and sisters.
Carry me off go now, my brother, fly
into whats still yours
hurry my brother
before they discover whats yours
and claim that, too.
Last Storm.
A tear slowly trickles down my
worn Grandfathers face,
Where once our Tribe left a
beautiful trace,
To whom can we leave this slaughter
up for?
Who can take into their hand and
unseenful sight?
Just to show we have to fight,
As he looks all around the
clayful sand,
was once made our land,
Soaring up above an Eagle releases a feather, which
floats and touches the ground,
Just below his feet my Grandfather
reaches down,
Picks up the scared piece and looks at its form and
looking back, So the Eagle brings Thanks for this
Is the last Storm.

~*~ Great Spirit ~*~
Great Spirit whos voice I hear in the wind, Whos breath gives life to the world.
We would restore what greed
Was taken from the Earth.
Great Spirit we are blind and deaf,
Open your eyes in us
That we may see.
Open your ears in us
That we may have compassion
Upon te Earth.
Graet Spirit may our feet walk gently,
May our hands respect her.
May we leard the lassons
in every leaf and rock.
May our strength restore her.
Great Spirit when we face the sun set.
When we come singing
The last song may it be
Withought shame singing
It is finished in Beauty.

~*~ Indian Love Song ~*~
Woman, I love you and I need you so
But, oh, I must go
But do not cry for me
I'll be back just you wait and see.
Wherever I may go, wherever I may be
You'll always be the one for me
So don't cry for me
I'll be back just wait and see.
And at night before you go to sleep
Please pray for me
I'll be back just wait and see.

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